The Nash Metropolitan Legacy

The Nash Metropolitan Legacy

Those of you who know your rare custom sedans or sports cars may know something about the metropolitan. Those of you with a growing interest in keeping special makes of cars rarely seen on the roads these days can sit in a little closer. The manufacture and servicing of a nash metropolitan goes back some years. There’s a motor build and parts servicing company somewhere in your world today that has its roots in its owner’s first fascination with the iconic metropolitan.

nash metropolitan

This goes all the way to the psychedelic and rebellious sixties. Many readers here might want to ask their pops about those days. Maybe their pops were already old enough to remember the nuclear age of the fifties when the famous American metropolitan first hit national roads. The man who bought his first Metropolitan sure took his time. It took something like thirty years after purchasing his first metro before he decided to start up his own company, specializing in nothing but building, restoring old metro’s and supplying those fans out there with its built and restored parts.  

Into the millennium spare parts service and supply, and restorations, was extended to include over one thousand Metropolitan car parts. That could be something of a record. Thos guys out there who consider themselves to be real experts on exotic and historic vehicles may have to do some digging to prove this record otherwise. The line of over one thousand new parts has been helped by the ongoing demonstration of the original 1956 Metropolitan. This stays on the garage shop floor to help the mechanics and engineers field test their newly developed brand new parts, built only for those rare Metropolitans.

Come forward and click online again if you are one of those rare breeds that just happen to own an old Metropolitan. Don’t hesitate in getting out of the garage and getting it back on the road again because, of course, now you can. Looking to add a rare breed to your collection, now you can because there’s over one thousand spare parts available for it.