5 Signs You Need an Inspection for Termites

5 Signs You Need an Inspection for Termites

Is it time to pick up the phone to call a pest control professional? If you notice any of the five signs of termites listed below, you shouldn’t delay the call. Termites are small, winged insects that look harmless yet cause massive damage in a short time. Do not let these signs pass you by without calling for an inspection termite professional.

1- Termite Activity

If there are noticeable signs of termite damage in the wood on the outside of your home, it is time that you get someone out to your home quickly. When there is evidence of termite presence, do not second guess yourself!

2- Mud Tunnels

inspection termite

Termites create mud tunnels that help them travel from one location to another when they are underground. You will notice them at various places and locations at your home. When you spot them it is a definite sign of termite presence.

3- Hollowed Out Wood

Hollowed out wood is another common indicator that there is a problem that needs addressing by a pest control professional as soon as possible. Your home is in the wake of destruction and you must take action immediately.

4- Discarded Wings

Do you see small sets of wings on the wood areas of the house? These discarded wings are left behind by termites when they begin a new colony. This is a good sign that it is time to pick up the phone to get an expert at the house quickly to rid this issue.

5- Actual Termites

Termites do not like to come out in the day. In fact, it is dangerous for them to come out into the sunlight and may cause them to die. However, this isn’t to say that you will not spot one of the pests during the day or sight them at other times. When you see the pests with your own eyes, there is no question that it is time to call an inspection termite expert for treatment.

Notice any of these signs that indicate you might have a problem with termites in your home? Make sure you take control and make the call to the pros who can provide the treatment that rids this problem fast and efficiently. You will be glad that you did!